Copy of Workshops


Sacred Song Workshop

Goals: Re-conecting with the power of our own voice with the ancestral sacred intention: to celebrate, to thank, to pray.

We will learn 3 songs from different cultures, its lyrics, its translation and instruction to melodic and ritmic performance

Minimum of 3 participants, maximum of 50.

1h 30 minuts with a break

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The workshop takes 4 hours where we will share some basic tools to write songs with the option of listening the live performance of at least 3 participants and the teacher as examples to deal with the material. We will also analize some examples of great songwriters.

The course is 12 hours, during 4 consecutive days 3 hours per day. The material and activities provided will be an extended and more profound version of the workshop.

Minimum 8 participants, maximum 50.


Hands on a creative ways of looking and objects that can become musical instruments. Construction, recreation, and of course playing.

Dedicated specially to children, all ages.


It is meant for all peoples musicians and non-musicians, professional or amateurs interested in: learning about spanish culture through folk traditional songs, its lyrics, rhythms and melodies.

Percussionists of all levels curious about spanish traditional cajón flamenco as well as tambourine from Castille and Northwest Spain (Cantabria), square drum from Salamanca and Asturias. We will spend some of the time of each encounter handing on the instruments.

Leanght: course of 12 hours during 4 days or just one session of 3 hours.