How I got a contract with Harmonia Mundi

I suddenly encountered a multinational record label with great prestige named Harmonia Mundi. The director attended me at the doorway and as a warning she said: I have two things to tell you, number one I´m afraid I did not listen to your demo, number two is that I only have 5 minutes. I entered the office and opened the case of my guitar, she looked surprised “are you going to play?” I remember the heat in my sure red ears “what do you want me to do if you haven´t heard anything and only have 5 minutes!”. From then on I called this action “el guitarrazo” something like using the guitar as a methaphoric weapon. It worked then and it also worked in front of Juan Falú, one year later in New York. So they accepted to produce my Lullabies CD. It was 2007 just at the time when record labels started to fall down because of the bursting of internet industry. The record was paid and made (which is already a miracle) but they were not ready to fight for it. So I decided to travel to New York in a crazy outburst of self confidence: “this music is beautiful and I must defend it!”