Autobiography of a commitment (Part 2)


This ceremony transformed me forever. It happened that I ceased to feel isolated searching for a place in the world, I was revealed the certainty that I am not circumscribed exclusively in the perimeter of my body or what we commonly think as “I”.  The world appeared as an extension of the self where all the wonders and disasters and all the transformations take place: the musical phenomena, a marvelous synergy where the frontier between audience and musician gets vanished, and there is no separation anymore, no solitude. This is the greatest sensation of peace I ever experienced. That is how I profoundly understood the real sense of my musicianship, my mission in life as a service to others, because only in the realization of this ceremony, the ceremony of our existence vibrating together, music suddenly shows its unifying power.

Marketing my music and becoming famous belonged to an illusory theatre of the ego that was gone. Nothing made sense but to surrender to this new mindset, and play wherever I was requested, with the sole purpose of bringing about peace and healing. The feeling of being “successful” no longer had anything to do with money, fame, or media exposure. I began to do just what I loved to do and reject absolutely anything that I did not love and that was the only thermometer of “success” from then on.

Many things began to get clear. And I came to meet Marisol with whom we dreamed a project about music education for peace building. If we were to believe in the possibility of a new world there was a very clear place where to start: children. Children are not just these little human beings that run in parks and schools. When I say children I also mean the "inner child” a state of being that lives ineveryone of us and never dies if we still nurture its soul. We definitely need a magic school to get back our feet back to the track of humanity, solidarity, freedom, beauty, awe, we needed poetry, lullabies, we needed to recover the soul of traditional music from the world that brings about the best qualities that makes us human. Marisol´s work for peace inspired me profoundly, her existence in my life as my partner filled my life with love and passion, all was part of the new insight the new track in which my life as a musician evolved.

In my Songwriting Workshops the first question I ask to everyone is always the same: why do you want to write songs? What is the ultimate purpose of playing and singing for others? Giving birth to the project of the Enchanted School was the result of the turning point of my life that began with the ceremony. From the classical ego-centered isolated and outcasted artist to a totally new concept of what music is good for and what is my mission.

Education for Peace through Music would be the title of our main purpose behind the Enchanted School project. Already in my Urban Lullabies record I had foreseen the idea that adults need to be lulled and also awaken in their childhood, constructing peace in the world is based in recovering the values of innocence, empathy, confidence, creativity. These are the main medicines to heal violence which appears to be the result of isolation. Rosalia Mowgli y La Escuela Encantada (Rosalía Mowgli and the Enchanted School) came about to fulfill all these principles. Originally, it was intended to address only children and teachers at schools, with a couple of fantastic musicians, David Larrinaga and Luis Galvez, “Punto”. Marisol's work for Peace building inspired us to broaden the aspect of the “school” concept taking adults onto the playground, specially women, in order to use music as a tool to work against gender violence.

Art only has meaning if it works to recover our own health and the health of Mother Earth. Rosalia Mowgli is a name I adopted after the inspiration of my beloved author Kipling whose reading printed something in my soul when I was a child: a deep connection to this creative gap between a civilized being and a daughter of salvage wolves. We are all evolving in a non-lineal way, although the format of Before and After has given me a way to display this story of myself, a life that tries to see the path to come from darkness to light and that has chosen music as a vessel.