Rosalia Mowgli

Composer, Guitarist, Singer


I named myself Mowgli in 2014 after The Jungle Book of Rudyard Kipling, a fantasy of freedom and wild spirit that filled my dreams when I was a kid. More than anything I am a musician songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist drinking from diverse fountains of popular ancestral music from Spain and Latin America, all mixed with classical guitar techniques.

I believe I have created my own voice through the guitar and using traditional and invented instruments such as the “flying bird”. Music has a medicinal purpose in my life, I have always conceived it as a social service, far from mere entertainment.

“Rosalía is an excellent guitarist with a solid and broad training. She composes new forms where tradition and vanguard go hand in hand. What we hear is the result of many hours of dedication which cannot be played but with the fingers of our imagination.”

-Javier Ruibal

Rosalía Mowgli and the Enchanted School


The EnChanted School is commited to contributing to a new consciousness through music, for a peaceful world that honors cultural diversity.

The group offers a concert which takes us on a musical trip through different cultures. Here children and adults are shown a variety of instruments from Spanish culture such as the square drum, the pestle and the tambourine but also instruments from other places: the sitar, ocarinas and mouth harps. Besides these there are also extraordinary instruments, made from objects used in daily life: the crutch, the bicycle handlebar or the water tap.

Art by Nancy Jackson

Art by Nancy Jackson


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