Concerts and Workshops

I sing for the difference between the true and the false, otherwise I do not sing
— Violeta Parra
páraro volador niños

Manifesto of a Music for Peace

As I expressed in my bio we believe in music being culture, tradition, a power capable of unifying peoples, a universal language that communicates across linguistic difference. From every field of work we see necessary to work:

-In favor of gender equality which means to de-construct the patriarchal system.

-In favor of the independence and sovereignty of ethnic cultures and traditional practices so our work fights colonialism that affects music as well as other arts.

-In favor of sustainable degrowth movements that are showing us the way out of capitalism through ecology and the brilliant philosophy that sings “small is beautiful”

Music is a sublime representation of Life which is nothing less than The Beloved, a miniature of the Creation as the Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan teaches us. It is pure medicine and should thus be exercised with respect and consciousness. Every event (recital, workshop, concert) is to be transformed into a ritual where emotions and internal conflicts can be cured.

We have forgotten to sing and the power of singing together. Singing together is the antidote against solitude and hence the essential medicine against violence. We rescue this power with hearts of children who have not yet decided that they lack a “good voice”; at the same time we search for this child that we still are, where expression and creativity are simply the most natural form of existing.

Our mission and commitment is to discover how the power of music lies in union, that it breaks the hard shells of emotional isolation and in this process achieves harmony.

This is why we have created the  Escuela Encantada (Enchanted School). To show the art of sharing and to sing together again. We sing with children and teachers. Seeking to disappear as professionals and performers, to enter a common ecstasy. Each of our concerts asks for an active participation of the public, since we know that coming back to musical ritual we generate the harmonic vibration which brings our health back.