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Rosalía Mowgli

The program is a mixture of Traditional Music SubVersions, unprecedented songs as well as songs published in Rosalía’s Nanas Urbanas (Urban Lullabies) album, where traditional instruments share the space with extraordinary musical instruments, everyday life objects.

Duration: 30 or 50 minutes, máximum 1 hour 15 min




Chichía and Malus

Educational Concert for Peace with Marisol Bock

This is a music program specially designed for children, with a focus on the promotion of a cultures of peace. The songs are derived from Rosalía’s work on traditional Spanish and Latin American music.


Rosalia Mowgli and the Enchanted School

With David Larrínaga, Luis Gálvez “Punto” and Marisol Bock

The educational system in Spain (and elsewhere) has dramatically cut efforts and expenses dedicated to music. As a response this group brings about songs derived from Rosalía’s extensive engagement with traditional Spanish and Latin American music, however with a significant richness added in its interpretations.The voice of David Larrínaga, an exceptional vocalist, introduces overtone singing as well as music from India accompanied by his sitar. The fervent participation of Luis Gálvez “Punto”, expert in percussions from different parts of the world elevates the music with his great mastery of rhythm. Marisol Bock adds a sweet voice and her art of trumpet playing being also the main teacher of our social activist side in the workshops offered.